Our History


Proudly Serving East Cobb for 25 Years


SuperKleen was started by Don Wencel, former VP of Coldwell Banker, in 1989.  Don's belief in attention to detail, cutomer satisfaction and personalized service has made SuperKleen what it is today.  Don can still be seen on ride-a-longs with his partner Charles Runser.  Many customers have been using us regularly for over 20 years and have become personal friends.




Our Expertise


1st Rate Garment Care, Ease and Convenience

After 25 years we know a thing or two about customer satisfaction.  It may be easier for a company to plug you into their rigid system with a take it or leave it appoach. However, we know that different people have different needs at different times.  We do have a system to make thing easy for you but we are happy to work out exceptions.




Our Commitment


We Do What We Say We Will Do

No one can be all things to all people so this is why personalized service is inportant.  When we agree to do something for you a certain way at a certain place and time you can expect it to be done.  If "an act of God" prevents it for some reason then you can expect every measure to be taken for your satisfaction. 

About SuperKleen

SuperKleen provides free pick-up and next day delivery service of your laundry, dry clean garments, bedding, linens and more.  We offer exceptional care and personalized service to meet your specific needs.